After being restrained it was only a matter of time before their soft, knowing hands had Jeff so desperate to cum that he couldn’t help but try to do whatever he could to find his release.

His body tried to writhe, to squirm, to thrust, to somehow find a way to send himself over the edge. Still the skilled hands on his cock continued calmly, mercilessly, stroking…. stopping….. teasing… stopping……pleasuring… pausing…

Unfortunately, his bonds held firm. Oh god, oh god. And more fingers teasing his nipples, keeping his body simmering and aching with its need for release.

When his efforts failed Jeff began to beg….. plead….. shamelessly begging for mercy, promising them anything they wanted if only they would give him relief from the merciless, incessant pleasure.

Instead, they continued, ignoring his pleas, driving his pleasure and frustration even higher. Having no other choice he tried to block out the sensations, to ignore the pleasure, to do everything in his power to not be consumed by the feverish waves of pleasure permeating through his body.

Oh god. That was pointless too. It was too much. The pleasure too intense, the frustration too agonizing.

Finally, he realized he had only one option left. Surrender. His head fell back, his strength and will to resist now gone. Jeff knew he was theirs for as long they wanted. With a weak defeated whimper he knew that if they wanted to drive him into a state of total, utter sexual desperation there was nothing he could do stop them.

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