Tease and Denial, Questions Asked and Answered by Girls.



I’ve been getting a lot of messages lately from
girls asking about tease and denial, nervous about keeping them
denied, here are some common concerns and questions answered, hopefully this
clears things up for you girls out there.

Don’t you feel bad keeping someone denied? an orgasm
feels soo good and i know he likes denial but when he has blue balls all the
time because he is so turned on he starts to beg, i feel to bad to not let him
or make him cum.

No, i don’t feel bad. You
shouldn’t either, if your boyfriend truly has had enough and cant take it
anymore they will make themselves cum because the pain outweighs the pleasure,
a good way to test a mans limits is to promise him you will let him cum if he
is good enough in a few days, after a few days tell him he was good but not
good enough, add an amount of days that you know will be hard for him to reach,
somewhere between 5-30 days for beginners, if they make themselves cum on lets
sayy day 8 then you know you how many days you can tease him without it being
too much for him. then you can use that to gauge his fantasy and reap all the
benefits without feeling bad.

 My boyfriend likes tease and denial but im not very
dominant, i want to be but im worried i will mess something up, how can i show
him i can take control?

 Don’t worry too much, confidence is key, start small and see what you’re
comfortable doing, the easiest things to do are make him ask permission to cum,
give him handjobs or blowjobs and go very very slow and stop after a while, ask
them ” do you want to know why i stopped ” when they say yes you can say lean
in and whisper into his ear something like ” just because i can ” or ” because
this is my cock and i will do as i please with it  ” after you stop
abruptly you can order them to please you however you want, this will not only
show a dominant side but you will get pleasure from it, you can click > here < for some more ideas.

The longer my boyfriends denied the more loving,
attentive, and passionate he is.. i like it but he should be like this after he
cums, is there any way of making that happen ?

If that’s not how he is that’s not how he is, most men are all of those
things to some extent after they cum but the longer a man is denied the more
the chemicals in his body build up, the bigger the increase the more focused he
is on you, his fixation becomes more than sexual and will extent to every aspectof your relationship,
you both will like it and you will benefit greatly, if your boyfriend is
completely different after cumming and ignores you or is rude that’s different,
but if he is simply less passionate after. keep him denied. don’t worry about it.

Just some general advice to cover anything else

If he has already said he likes tease and denial to you, don’t be afraid to
push his limits and be comfortable with his fetish’s. That will make him morecomfortable and trusting with you,
more open and happy.

If he says he can’t take it anymore but he isn’t physically bound by
a chastity device he can take it, if he couldn’t he would do it himself. in order to
know his limits, you have to push
his limits. ( if you are doing any play involving pain, use a safeword of some sort and
stop when its used, dont push those limits. )

If you like to be submissive too don’t be discouraged,
i know men who love denial but can still pin a girl down, tie them up and fuck
them until satisfied. they often just don’t cum during sex, your boyfriend can
still be very aggressive and dominant while not cumming, denial only means that
once in a while you will  likely need to enforce your dominant side.

you CAN train him to be certain ways with tease and denial. If you want him
to be more attentive, passionate, loving, easy just incorporate it in a
dominant way during denial periods. It doesn’t even have to be sexual, you can
turn him on and tell him to do the laundry, you can rest assured its getting
done tease and denial can extend
far beyond the bedroom. you can get him to do chores, do cute things, do
sexy things, do anything if you’re a good enough tease and its been a long
enough denial period. personally, i like oral sex and ive dated men who hate
going down but enjoyed denial, after a week without cumming they had no problemlicking me to an orgasm
before AND after fucking me.

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their fetish.

Almost any qualities you want amplified or improved can be done with
teasing and denying. just remember to keep it safe, sane, and consensual.


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