Get used to disappointment, because when it involves having any orgasms for yourself, that is all you’ll be receiving from your Wife, Slut.

Which – purposefully – creates more frustration?

1.  Being told you only get 100 strokes, then you get forced back into the cage until tomorrow night;

2.  Being told you have 2000 strokes to survive; as soon as you beg Her to stop because you are too close to cumming, you will be locked back up for twice the number of minutes you have left to 2000 strokes: i.e., 1500 strokes left is 48 hours before she will consider touching you again. If you make it to 2000, She promises to do the next 500 strokes with Her mouth;

3.  Being told She will stroke you as long as you like (and don’t cum), but you must keep count of all the strokes, and then you will spend that many hours locked in your cage before She’ll consider touching you again; i.e., 100 strokes is 4 days in chastity before She will consider touching you again;

4.  Being told She will touch you only as long as you are not fully hard; if you get rock hard, She will give you a ten second countdown; if you can get partially soft again in ten seconds, She will touch you again. the number of times you are able to survive a ten second countdown, is the number of minutes you get to be free of your cage while making out with Her before she locks you back up and has you make Her cum.

Just a few thoughts… there are far more percolating… 

Well there’s some ideas!

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