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Heh heh, I know I did.

Let’s talk about porn

So, I’m actually going to use this caption image to chat about porn a bit.

When I was younger I’d have been disgusted by the image above. I was brought up to know that all porn was bad and that it caused guys to sin and was exploitative and just bad. That was tied up with more general feelings that sex was bad in some way too and something to be embarrassed about.

Thankfully my amazing husband charmed and seduced me and taught me sex was totally amazing and that within our relationship we could be very, very naughty together and it was all good. However my feelings about porn like the above image didn’t change much.

In fact, even a couple of years ago I’d have not liked it at all, because when I saw it I’d be thinking a few things, ‘If hubby looks at that it’s because he wants to have sex with her, not me’, ‘Do we really need to see her pussy like that?!’ and being honest, ‘God I wish I looked like that, it makes me feel fat and ugly and my boobs looked that good once you know!.’

Now, I still don’t like a lot of porn, and I don’t get at all why close ups of body parts is a turn on, however, putting aside the ghastly orange stockings… an image like this one now affects me very differently from before. Putting hubby in a cock cage shows me again and again that his desire is for ME.

I’ve learnt we can really enjoy looking at some beautiful, sexy pictures together, and when we’re both in the mood, even watch videos.

I think the big thing is exploring chastity has helped me overcome my fear of pornography and that’s remarkably empowering. Like a lot of things, it can be used for good or bad, and I’m sure the same is true for the industry itself.

Recently I’ve been discovering the whole amateur world of porn and in some ways a lot of that can be sexier than the fake plastic boobs and terrible, TERRIBLE scripts of professional stuff.

So what’s my point? If you’ve always been anti-porn, maybe it’s worth another look, as a shared activity, occasionally. Definitely set up a shared private blog where you can post things you think will turn your partner on, and maybe you’ll both be surprised what works for you.