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Logo suggestion 🙂

I’ve never tried to submit a photo before. It doesn’t show on my screen, so here’s a link to it on imgur as well: http://imgur.com/iwGCrGe


This is brilliant, thank you so much! Have a ruin on me or something (hold on that sounded very wrong…)

Seriously though, really impressed! Thank yooou!

Me (George).
Caged as ordered by my Mistress (Georgina).


Hey, dickhead…

I’m unclear which part of:

“Share with us but please don’t send me penis pictures, thank you!”

was unclear to you on the submission page?

You understand when I block you, you can’t see my posts either, right?

Probably not if you can’t even read.

Oh well, maybe you’ll figure it out, as I’m blocking you after I send this.