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Madison’s frumpy and annoying friend had dropped over right in the middle of her giving her husband his morning edge.

‘Sure you can come in, but I’m right in the middle of giving head, so I’ll be a few minutes. But don’t worry, he doesn’t get to cum today’

Her friend thought she was joking.

This is a really hot position to edge him from. His mouth pleasuring your clit and pussy you can just take as long as you want playing with his cock, using your lubed hands and mouth to drive him crazy.

Of course, unlike this video, you don’t need to let him cum, just keep him edged as you enjoy your orgasms. Although, an alternative is to let him cum, well, ruin him. You see the fact you’re lying on him, makes him quite vulnerable, if you were… to keep rubbing him after he’s cum. Post orgasm torture as he buries his face into your pussy… Feeling him buck under you as you use his ruined orgasm’s lube to stroke his super sensitive cock. 

Just an idea…