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simmer-until: Back to edging, denial and chastity She’s gone back on her idea to have sex and have me orgasm every day in August. I was really excited about the prospect after 88 days of tease and denial. I built up so many expectations. She has me inside her four times last week, and had…

simmer-until: Day 60 I can’t believe how hard I am inside this tiny cage. I can’t believe I’m ten days from smashing through last year’s record. I can’t believe she’s talking about moving the goalposts or expectation. That tease and denial is to be my pleasure. That the intense edges are what I should expect…


I am on a strict no touching rule. My wife caught me only briefly squeezing my flaccid shaft and didn’t hesitate to remind me: “You’re not allowed to do that anymore”. (She also mused about extending my no-touch rule to my balls and nipples, and moving the goalposts where I’m grateful even for a ruined orgasm.)


The vast majority of my releases in the past three months have from her singular focus on my magic spot. But I’ve felt her tongue on my frenum only twice since April, when she gave me my first two orgasms in chastity. Her sensuous lips and tongue hungrily devoured my tingling flesh which bulged through the bars of my cage. I would adore feeling her tongue on me while unconfined.

But I only get to feel her fingerprints sliding over my skin. She knows edging me is a treat for me. I’m a good boy, and am grateful for the mindless trance she gives me. I’ve surprised her by spilling over in chastity, pouring out while flaccid, and from the gentlest of rubbing. She pauses frequently to let me soar like a bird, circling on thermals. I hang on the edge and I let go completely.

She cherishes me. Today she told me how much she loves my succulent earlobes and tender nipples. I’m kept always wanting and dripping for her. She wants to keep me like this indefinitely.

Permanent orgasm control and masturbation denial is no longer in the future. It’s my present. I’ve not made a vow, but I’m no longer waiting. I live it daily. I don’t need a chastity device, I just need her expressions of joy to own such a sweet and gentle boy, who is easy to please and fun to play with. She teases me daily, and edges me when she’s feeling generous. Orgasms are never expected, and most are slow and gentle now.

I don’t call them ruined. Perhaps in the past I would have. I’m rarely 100% completely ruined. It’s not a binary thing. There’s a continuum.



I have been scrolling through my chastity themed Tumblr feed getting increasingly annoyed by the fantasy fueled hysterical posts. Two more weeks, loser. Don’t ever ask to be unlocked. Chastity by numbers. Chastity for the ridiculous.

Chastity in a loving relationship can of course use humiliation, but it doesn’t have to. Is someone really a loser if they let you lock up their penis and control their orgasms? I think my Wife might have a few words to say to you about that. And only for two weeks. Oh, I see, that is why you are a loser, is it? Because that is all you can take?

This picture shows the holistic approach to a relationship that can, if you want, accompany chastity. The approach that means you spend more time together being intimate without any expectation of sex, that magically brings your partner closer to you in a way that really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

Maybe it is a paradox, that giving up your own orgasms helps your wife or girlfriend feel more loved, more damn sexy than ever before. But it does, and that is all that matters to me.

This is so true. Once you get beyond wanking to chastity porn (840 days and counting) and you have a partner that accepts control over your orgasms, I think a lot of those fantasies don’t ring true.

We don’t play with humiliation. Maybe I’m made to blush, but I’m not degraded. My wife teases me for being so decadent and easily indulged. That how she treats denial – as a treat. She makes me quiver and swoon easily.

I’m doing this for her. Because I adore her and am devoted to her. I’m not doing this because I think poorly of myself.

The enjoyment of intimacy without my orgasm is a daily connection that never seems to fade for us.

Two lovely commentaries from two of my favourite blogs. 

I guess I don’t get annoyed by most of the silly captions, I just ignore them. Anything that uses ‘slave’ for instance is just an instant turn off for me (but it’s SO annoying when I read a hot caption I want to send to hubby and then it finishes with something like ‘isn’t that right, slave?’ argggghhh!

But of course I very much support what these guys are saying, it’s so much about the intimacy! What’s key for us is we’re not interested in a female led relationship, so the chastity play is really focused on the joys of keeping him horny and me feeling sexually empowered.

Likewise we never do degradation or humiliation, but we do some pretty strong teasing. For whatever reason the whole penis size teasing thing, especially with comparisons to the big dildo we have (I christened it Adonis, lol) is really hot for us both – you’ll have probably picked that up from the blog 😛