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Edging instructions

He can edge himself closer than you can most of the time so it’s hot to make use of that sometimes.

Uncage him and snuggle up next to him. Kiss and touch him, especially playing with his nipples, but don’t touch his cock, not at all.

Hopefully it’ll get nice and hard by itself, but if it doesn’t, well then you tease him, ‘Maybe it doesn’t want to get played with, shall we just put it back in the cage and see if that helps?’ That will almost definitely get him hard. If it doesn’t, consider doing that!

But the fun challenge is to try and use your words to get him hard, with no contact. 

Tell him how hot it is caging him, tease him about the size of his cock, or how long it’ll be till you let him cum. Maybe get a vibe and start playing with yourself too, and just moan in his ear.

At some point he’ll ask you to play with his cock, say no, say you want to watch him today. Maybe pour some lube on it and then start watching, tell him you want him on the edge for as long as he can handle it.

Whisper in his ear how you love he can’t do this without you now, how you love knowing his cock is yours, how all those times he used to get off without you are gone forever, and all his sexual energy is focused on you.

As he gets closer start to be a bit meaner, tell him he’s not allowed to cum, that you like his balls full and aching. Tell him if he cums he’ll have to eat it, and you’ll lock him up for a whole month without release. 

Make him beg, first let him beg to be allowed to cum, say no, then see if you can make him beg to ruin it. Say no. Then tell him you want to hear him beg to be denied. ‘Beg me to not let you cum’ ‘Beg me to lock your little dick back up and lick me to orgasms while you stay denied’.

It’s so hot when he says it.

It’s even hotter when he does it.

Again this is hot, take him right to the edge then threaten him to not cum, be as aggressive as you can muster, as you keep stroking him:

‘Don’t you dare cum, if you cum I’m locking you up for a month’
‘Don’t you fucking cum, you hear me?’
‘If you cum I’m going to make you eat it’

ironically those probably make him more likely to cum but it’s fun to watch him struggle.

I saw this post before I went to bed last night and it inspired a hot little fantasy that I whispered to hubby as I edged him.

To say it drove him wild is something of an understatement.

I’ll save it and see if I can write a proper script with it, but yes, lots of fun…

So there’s lots of places where you can get good advice on GIVING oral sex, but I thought it’d be useful to give some advice on how to RECEIVE it and make it all the hotter!

Hot things to SAY while he’s going down on you:

  • Your tongue’s so much better than your cock
  • You lick me so much better when you’re locked up
  • This feels so good, I don’t even want to let your little dick out
  • Oh god, I wish you could fuck me now, shame you’re caged up
  • Oh if you had a big cock I’d want you to fuck me so hard right now
  • Tongue fuck me, lick up the mess I’m making
  • Suck on my clit, I want to cum on your face

And in general just moaning loudly and saying how good it feels! Yes, overdo the moaning, he loves it and being vocal, even if it’s faked a bit, makes it feel even better.

Hot things to DO while he’s going down on you:

  • Start playing with your breasts, really enjoy how they feel, rub, pull, squeeze even suck on them if you can.
  • Pick up a book or put on some porn to watch, make it clear you’re in no hurry!
  • Give him a toy to use in you, or tell him to finger fuck you – give him directions, it’s so hot!Run your fingers through his hair then push him on you harder
  • Grab his hair and grind on his face as you cum (seriously, try this)
  • Lift your knees up and spread them wide so your pussy is really exposed
  • Roll over on your tummy and make it clear he’s to lick your bottom
  • TELL HIM to make you cum, don’t just wait for him. When you want it, tell him, make him give you an orgasm, then have some more!
  • Kiss him afterwards and taste yourself on his tongue, no holding back, it’s super sexy

Sex tips from KeepHimCaged.tumblr.com – got any other good ones? Add a note!