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“Oooops! Oh no! Tomorrow was going to be your big release day. I was even planning on letting you fuck my pussy before letting you pump your load right into my mouth as I sucked you dry. But you just came without permission, so it looks like that plan is off.

You were sooo close!”

Gosh it’s almost as if she did it on purpose… 😉

I’d told Jennifer about hubby being caged a few months before, and she’d loved being in on the secret.

After a few drinks last night we got talking about it again in front of him, which he hated, and adored. I mentioned how much I loved giving him ruined orgams. ‘What’s that?’ she asked.

So I showed her. She thought it was hilarious. So did I.

Big cocks are allowed to cum, sometimes. But it still has to be ruined…