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Unlocked and put through a relentless game of “Cock Hero”.
If he won he’d be allowed a full blown orgasm.
If he lost? Well you’ll see 🙂

Ohh, I forgot about this cock hero thing, that has lots of potential!


You can make your husband come this way with a strapon…
…even when he’s locked up in a chastity cage.

Obviously quite an explicit video here but just demonstrating him cumming from anal only as the caption says.
There is something incredibly powerful about a guy discovering orgasms can come from more than just his cock, it just challenges everything he’s assumed his whole life. And yes, it’s even more powerful if his cock is caged and he can’t even touch it!
It doesn’t have to be a strap-on though, a dildo in your hand, a prostate massager or just fingers.
In our experience though the easiest is a wand vibe applied to either a biggish butt plug or thin dildo in him. He’ll tell you if it’s hitting the spot, trust me.
However, there is something extraordinary about doing it from penetration, with a strap on.  The physicality of it being you fucking him, it’s so sexy (we like spooning best for it though) and empowering.
If you’re wondering what to give him for Christmas, pegging with a strap on, the gift that keeps on giving!

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There is a huge difference between what I need and what you’re able to give me, honey. You do see that? Right? 

Photo from the wonderful blog “Beneath My Wife”.

So hot, so true.
I love my King Cock dildo…
It’s the best of both worlds. I get the husband I love fucking me with ferocious passion that isn’t dissipated by him cumming.
PLUS I get the cock of my dreams making me cum!
This is the greatest kink!

Wanting to revive the intimacy, passion and closeness in your relationship?

Cage his cock, it’s literally the key.