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A deal was a deal. She wanted them to have a baby, so he was allowed to cum in her for the days around her pregnancy. Of course she made him ruin them all, in her, pushing in and staying deep as he jetted his seed in her fertile womb.

But he was caged the rest of the month, and when she did finally get pregnant, he’d share the experience, not being let out, until the baby arrived. 

Much to her delight, she got pregnant the first time they tried! Congratulations to the happy couple!

When they were getting pregnant, he could of course, have sex and cum in her on a daily basis.
But the moment the pregnancy test was positive, the cage went on. It wouldn’t be removed until the baby was born.
That didn’t stop her getting her daily orgasms of course…


We discussed this when I got pregnant!
Your cock stays locked until the baby is born!

I love this, it’s SO hot. FIrstly to see pregnant couples being sexy, but mostly because I WOULD SO DO THIS NOW. I’d lock that cock that got me so bloody huge up for the entirety of my pregnancy. That way we can experience it together, and all his horniness that got me up the duff in the first place can be used to massage and back rub me and do all the chores and lick me when I feel like it.