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Keeping the vibrations on full for a few minutes after he’d cum helped him remember why asking to orgasm was a bad idea.

Post Orgasm Torture! click the tag for lots of mean ideas on how to make him regret cumming lol

I love wanking him while we watch porn, it always feels naughty, but I don’t want to encourage it too much, his focus needs to be me… so, if he cums to it, his cum gets used as lube to just post orgasm torture him a bit, just to remind him who his orgasms belong too…

Oh a new Post Orgasm Torture video, nice!

Well that’s a fun use for a home gym!!!! Some great ruining and post orgasm torture here. Super hot!


Halfway into their session he felt his orgasm quickly building up. His screams muffled by her grinding pussy, the machine kept working his cock way past the point of pleasure. The mechanical sleeve didn’t miss a single beat as it relentlessly stroked his sensitive cock head. Burning pain began to overtake his flesh as waves of agony pulsed through his member. Pretending to remain unaware, Ashley couldn’t help but giggle out of pure joy as she peeked over to the time left.