Tag: penis size teasing

Darling, I wish your cock was this big.
Does that excite you, hearing that?
I know it does.

If you were this big…

…I’d finish you off right into my mouth.

If you were this big…

… I’d beg for you to fuck me every day.

If you were this big…

…I’d almost never lock you up

One’s caged, one can’t even fit in a cage.

It’s just how it is.

OH dear, more evidence, the smaller you are, the more your orgasms get ruined.

Aww, doesn’t that piercing look cute on the little cock, baby? It kind of makes it bigger. And look how well it ruins.
That big one though, that’s properly milked to a lovely big orgasm, no ruins for him.
That’s just how it should be.