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I’d probably just save it and tease you while we are out. 😈😏

lol, love it

The girls walked around his apartment as though it was theirs, and it would be according to the contract he’s signed, if he came just once. But for now they liked it just the way it was, giving him blowjobs, leaving him constantly on the edge, and caged whenever they went out. It worked perfectly for everyone.

Wow! This is amazing. One of those videos that made me wish I had the cock! lol

Great teasing technique, the use of hands and mouth, most of her lips. The mix of her focusing on his cock with some eye contact too.

I think what’s best about it though is she looks as though she’s doing it for HER pleasure. Because she loves how a cock feels in her hand and on her lips. So great!

I was thinking the other day about why I love hubby going down on me so much more than i used to. I mean it always felt good (although he has got even better) – but what makes it even better now is knowing that because his cock is caged it makes him ache to go down on me, to taste me and pleasure me, that he’s getting off on it nearly as much as I am, so I can just lie back and relax and enjoy it even more!



I knew I did just enough to tip you over that edge. All I can do now is look at your cock and wait for it to erupt.

I’ve repeatedly promised to write a full #journal entry about so-called ruined orgasms.  I find them insanely hot, and (in my humble opinion) they are an important part of a loving, consensual, playful, and sexy tease & edging dynamic.  My husband hates them and loves them at the same time – but he mostly loves them, because it means little or no refractory period, so the fun never stops!

I will explain all about it in an upcoming #journal entry, soon.  What a “ruined” orgasm actually is; why it’s great; what it feels like for him; how to achieve it; how to add it to teasing and edging; mind games; tips & tricks; and more!  Stay tuned and thanks for following!

Looking forward to it!

It’s true!