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Hey so I’m looking at Lovehoney rn – do you know how the label looks when they ship it? I’m debating on having it sent home or sent to school- just don’t want anything my family will question, ya know?

female-orgasm-denial: All it says on the reply is LH Trading, it’s completely plain, very securely wrapped. They’re REALLY aware of the sensitivity of what they send. They even show you, which is neat: https://www.lovehoney.com/help/plain-packaging/ A great trick though, if you have nosey parents/housemates, is to say ‘Oh I’m getting a gift delivered, so please don’t open…



Thank you, princess, for keeping me pent up and desperate. I want to always be filled with your cum, I want to always be feeling desperate for you.

Exactly how us cuckolds love to feel!!