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Didn’t the designers of this step back and say ‘HEY, it’s an ELEPHANT!’

Still, pretty cool, clearly designed just for wearing over a cage!

Dumbo the Strap-on

I heard guys shave to make their cocks look bigger but I had no idea it was so effective!

So you don’t think my husband’s penis size is anything to worry about, Doctor?

Why did you need me to remove my top to confirm that?

The Chastity Device Marketing Board was testing new advertising approaches…


It helps to give him a little tease everyday. It goes a long way.

Brilliant! lol

‘Mummy, how is the kitchen so tidy when you never clean up any more?’

‘It’s the Chastity Fairy, sweetheart. One day I’ll tell you all about it!’

(Another attempt at a caption, hope you like it!)

I have NO idea what’s going on here but it’s cute, and purple hats in bed should be a thing!