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How do you make the horniness go away? I’m having one of those days and being completely locked I’m unable to do anything about it. I’ve tried eating her out, doing the chores, running her a bath and even giving her a massage. Pretty sure I would do anything for her right now.

Go away? Sweetie, that’s just how we want you. It isn’t going away. This is how it’s supposed to be. There’s nothing you can do about it. This is why we do it, to have you completely focused on us, and what we need. Welcome to your new reality.

Thanks for the great advice! Myself and the wife have taken the plunge and order the small steel cage with the 45mm ring. With the option of buying the spare rings if needed. Hope the wife enjoys even half much as you. Fingers crossed. Thanks. x

That’s wonderful, you’re so welcome! 45mm is the middle size ring I think? Should be good. The fun thing about the solid rings is they act like a cock ring for hubby too so when he does come out and get hard, he’s really hard. Just remember to swivel the ring around to the side…

Hello Jane, Just wanted to thank you for the bum licking advice. We tried it after some oral and my wife used her vibrator and I went to work licking her bum. I was locked and plugged and she had a great orgasm and I enjoyed it tremendously. Thanks for all you do, loving the month of October. John

Thanks John, you are so very welcome!!!! Lovely to have that feedback, thank you. Sometimes I still can’t honestly believe we do it but OMG it feels SO GOOD and for whatever reason it works so well with chastity play, doesn’t it!