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Ella Kross says yes to ruined orgasms!

Occasionally girls at the Denial Academy fail to pay their fees. In those cases their parents or sponsors get 28 days to remedy the situation or their contract is invoked and the girls are auctioned off for a three month indenture period to recoup the losses.

After all their training the girls were incredibly popular. Teachers and current fee paying sponsors get first refusal on the girls – this has led to some of them ending up indentured to their best friends parents in the past though, which was obviously very humiliating but perfectly legal.

Threats are hot

You need to understand this, as they’re a really fun part of playing and they will LOVE it if you figure this out.

Make threats, threaten to lock their cock up if they cum, or if they ruin or if they don’t make you cum enough or whatever excuse you can find!

You don’t have to then carry out the threat!

This is the key thing, it’s just part of the game, part of the role play, part of the tease. If they get all disappointed because you don’t carry out a threat later on tell them to stop being an idiot and you said it turn them on, and you’ll do whatever you want because their cock is locked up and it’s your prerogative to change your mind whenever you want! OKAY?

However, having said that, of course you can carry it out if you want to, and sometimes it’s good to so the others have more weight when you say it.

So for example, the one I do this most often with is making him eat his cum. It’s not really a turn on for me but I often say he can have a ruin or cum if he eats it – and if I ALWAYS let him off that then it loses all its power. So maybe one in three I make him. (Heck, he expects me to swallow EVERY time!)

Also, keep the threats believable – there’s no point saying something that you’d NEVER do ‘If you cum I’ll never let you out of the cage again) because it loses all its power again, and it having power is what makes it exciting. So make them challenging but believable.

The final use of threats is to secretly give him something he wants by making it a threat. So you can use it to test things you think they might like but won’t admit. Such as longer lock ups, cum eating, butt plugging, bottom licking, pegging.

e.g. If you

So start using some kinky threats to make your teasing even hotter.

Some of my favourite threats are:

‘If you cum before I say you can I’m going to ruin it and make you eat it all’

‘If you cum tonight you’ll be locked up for the next (week, two weeks, month)’

‘If you don’t get hard in the next minute I’m going to lock you back up’

The fun reverse scenario with this is make HIM say things that are just a hot fantasy. So lying next to him, on the edge and you say to him ‘Tell me to lock you up till Christmas’ kind of thing. ‘Tell me why you deserve to be locked up’. It’s all very hot, for you both. And again, you don’t have to do it!  




This is how I like to watch movies you pick out. Then give you detailed questions about the story. Two lashes with my belt for each wrong answer, baby girl, so I suggest at least trying to keep your eyes open.


This is why I always go down and stay down.
God I love to eat pussy


He was thick, and long, and smooth… you know, unlike you.


OMG ‘bitch nights’ that does sound fun!



Jenny would always inspect Sara as soon as she got home, just to check she was still wet enough.

Couple interested in chastity. In abstinence until honeymoon. What can we do until the honeymoon to test the water on each other? Both want to try it, but don’t know how to set “rules/rewards”. Please let us know your thoughts. Thanks.

Oh I love this! I WISH we’d known about all this in the run up to us getting married, it would have been so great! We also practised abstinence until honeymoon, which was great, but very hard. But looking back it was great in terms of we took our time to explore lots of aspects…