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I am on a strict no touching rule. My wife caught me only briefly squeezing my flaccid shaft and didn’t hesitate to remind me: “You’re not allowed to do that anymore”. (She also mused about extending my no-touch rule to my balls and nipples, and moving the goalposts where I’m grateful even for a ruined orgasm.)


For anyone who thinks you can’t fit an above-average cock into a very, very, VERY small cage.


Wow, that’s amazing. We have a tiny one like that, it’s painfully small for him apparently. This really makes me want to put him in it lol

Clear,or black – which penis extender sleeve will you use?

Either one minimises the pleasure for him, and maximises it for you!

FYI, we went black…


If it’s too small it needs to be locked away…


The ocean, my amazing Wife and my teased caged cock on holidays. Such a wonderful day we have 💙


OMG that’s going to make the most amazing tan lines!