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It’s a veritable cock factory!

Amazing video showing how my favourite brand of dildo is made. Seriously, these things are incredible. So realistic and, umm, so big…

This is the one we use.

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A sexy denial and post orgasm torture vid that I hadn’t seen before!

You have to click this to play I think (Tumblr’s being weird) but there’s a couple of great things in this vid. Firstly the way she talks to him while using the vibe is really hot, I love the dynamic between them.

But also, it took me a minute to figure out what she was doing to make that snapping sound and it’s because he’s got a condom on in the first bit and she’s pulling it back and letting go of the tip. I’ve never seen that before but that looks like quite a fun little pain thing to try!

The Queen and Princess lined the twenty lottery winners up, and commanded them to strip. Out came the measuring tape, and they were ordered, very simply, by penis size.

To their disappointment the winner was a skinny pale man with tattoos, but the law was the law, and he did have a very big dick, so that was something.

The 19 others were sealed into their chastity cages and had to watch silently as the new king claimed his prize. They’d be let out in a year’s time when the next lottery was held.

Wow! This is one of the best ruin videos I’ve seen in ages, although she doesn’t actually talk about it being ruined, that’s exactly what she does, stops stimulating him for nearly ten seconds before he actually cums.

Pretty good ‘dirty talk’ too, see how much of it is just describing what’s happening, it’s not very difficult!

The way I’d improve this is when he’s near, get him to beg to cum, and say no, I want to ruin you, beg to be ruined. And then as he gets really close, tell him how frustrating it will be for him and that that turns me on. But otherwise, this is really good!


Sounds like a good plan! That won’t be too frustrating will it honey?


My first handjob after 2 weeks. I enjoyed it and i am so thankfull. @yourchastitymiss22 is such a lovely Lady. I love her to bits!

I think this is probably the first cage I ever saw (no idea where, years back). It’s definitely a hot one but wouldn’t it be really easy for the guy to stroke his hand up and down it and just get off (like she does a bit in the video?).

It definitely looks good though, but not very useful for actual denial play. Plus, hubby’s not big enough to do that one justice 😛

I remember thinking how crazy  a cock cage was at the time… hah, how things have changed!