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A VERY varied compilation of edging and ruins and stuff like that – if you fancy a bit of inspiration!

No idea where it’s originally from though!

I used to look at a picture like this and skip past but now I get turned on by it and it makes me want to tell hubby to get down between my legs and do that to me.
That’s a good development, I think!
(And when he’s not home like now, I post it to our blog so he knows what I’m wanting later… yay!)


Play time is over hubby, lock your cage back on and get ready, the girls will be here any minute…

lol, and omg, that’s quite the dangle!

Oh baby, are you close? If I slide you in my mouth one more time do you think you’d empty your aching balls down my throat?

Good boy. Seems we’re done for today then.

lol that look on her face!

hah, this was pretty much EXACTLY my reaction when we tried it!