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Just bend over, lift your skirt and tell him to lick you.

The joy of cock cages…

This was something I was so hesitant about but get him really horny, get yourself really horny, and obviously super clean, and then I dare you to try it. You can’t believe how good it feels, and it’s just the naughtiest thing ever!

Hello Jane, Just wanted to thank you for the bum licking advice. We tried it after some oral and my wife used her vibrator and I went to work licking her bum. I was locked and plugged and she had a great orgasm and I enjoyed it tremendously. Thanks for all you do, loving the month of October. John

Thanks John, you are so very welcome!!!! Lovely to have that feedback, thank you. Sometimes I still can’t honestly believe we do it but OMG it feels SO GOOD and for whatever reason it works so well with chastity play, doesn’t it!

See how ass licking can work in so many different ways. It doesn’t have to be some submissive thing, it can just be because it feels AMAZING!

How to enjoy analingus

  1. Keep him caged, horny and make sure you send him some hot ass eating pics to flag up what you’re wanting
  2. Take a shower and get your pussy and bottom squeaky clean for peace of mind (a soapy finger in you which is then well rinsed is great, or google enema’s for the ultimate in cleansing)
  3. Play with him and yourself so you’re both super horny, tell him what you’re going to make him do
  4. Roll on your tummy and simply say, ‘lick my bottom and make me cum’
  5. Enjoy the naughtiest experience you can have with your lover
  6. Hand him a vibe if he needs it to take you over the edge
  7. Give him an orgasm as a reward (but only the first time!)