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Sometimes she liked to suck his cock while he licked and sucked on her clit. The closer she got him the more effort he’d put in, and having something long and hard to suck on while she came, again and again, always felt so right.
She was always tempted to let him cum as she climaxed, but long experience had taught her, it was always better if she didn’t.


Mmm… 💦

If you aren’t edging him like this then you really should try it.
I know, those of us who don’t have porn model bodies can find it a bit intimidating, but stick a blindfold on him if you’re worried about it!
What’s so great about this is how you can tease and rub and suck his cock while he makes you cum again and again, even grinding the out on his face if you like that. Don’t pleasure him the whole time though, that’s one tip. Just lay down or simply kiss his cock gently while he focuses on you, then, you can start rewarding him with strokes and touches as he does the things that feel best, it’s like silently training him, and really fun and hot.
And then of course, shift a little forward and don’t touch his cock again until he licks your bottom, yummy!

My husband and I LOVE your blog. We got him a cage off the back of it and we are having such fun, so thank you! We’re both submissive… do you have any tasks we could try? Thank you in advance.

Oh I love that, I’ve never been asked this before! I have a game idea, the 69 Sex Off! Okay, the two of you have to tease each other with hands only for 20 minutes, then go into 69 with each other. The first to cum is the loser. The loser is not allowed to…