So there’s lots of places where you can get good advice on GIVING oral sex, but I thought it’d be useful to give some advice on how to RECEIVE it and make it all the hotter!

Hot things to SAY while he’s going down on you:

  • Your tongue’s so much better than your cock
  • You lick me so much better when you’re locked up
  • This feels so good, I don’t even want to let your little dick out
  • Oh god, I wish you could fuck me now, shame you’re caged up
  • Oh if you had a big cock I’d want you to fuck me so hard right now
  • Tongue fuck me, lick up the mess I’m making
  • Suck on my clit, I want to cum on your face

And in general just moaning loudly and saying how good it feels! Yes, overdo the moaning, he loves it and being vocal, even if it’s faked a bit, makes it feel even better.

Hot things to DO while he’s going down on you:

  • Start playing with your breasts, really enjoy how they feel, rub, pull, squeeze even suck on them if you can.
  • Pick up a book or put on some porn to watch, make it clear you’re in no hurry!
  • Give him a toy to use in you, or tell him to finger fuck you – give him directions, it’s so hot!Run your fingers through his hair then push him on you harder
  • Grab his hair and grind on his face as you cum (seriously, try this)
  • Lift your knees up and spread them wide so your pussy is really exposed
  • Roll over on your tummy and make it clear he’s to lick your bottom
  • TELL HIM to make you cum, don’t just wait for him. When you want it, tell him, make him give you an orgasm, then have some more!
  • Kiss him afterwards and taste yourself on his tongue, no holding back, it’s super sexy

Sex tips from – got any other good ones? Add a note!

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