So mean, so fun…

So hubby had been out a few days and I decided to find a way to get him back in his cage, and have some fun being mean.

In the morning I woke before him and leaned over and started playing with his cock to wake him up, and then went down and sucked on him – I love how hard he gets first thing when I do that. Although I have to confess it turns me on when he wakes from an erection in a cage now… I’m definitely getting into this!

So, pretty quickly I got him close and then I came up and kept playing with my hand and said, ‘Honey, I want to be filled tonight, fucked hard and deep – how about we cage you up so you get even more horny thinking about that all day?’

Unsurprisingly he agreed, he he.

It was a lovely day, with lots more cute sexy messages from him and all the extra attention I get when he’s caged. And sure enough, he was crazily horny by the evening. We got the kids down and then went to bed early, and after snuggling and watching a tv show as I played with his nipples, I even suggested we put on some porn if he’d let me restrain his hands. I think at that point he knew I was planning something but he loves it when I do, so he played along.

He picked some porn he’d found he thought I’d like, and then I tied his hands up. I told him I needed more warming up so I promptly knelt either side of his head and let him lick my clit, completely blocking his view of the porn of course, lol.

After a good ten minutes which included me kissing his caged cock and playing with his balls, I turned and said ‘I need to be fucked, I’ve only wanted it more and more all day. Would you like that honey, to fuck me nice and deep?

At this point I brought out the strap on that we own. The noise of horny frustration he let out was hard to describe – so hot.

I slipped it up his legs(it’s like pulling up a thong really) and positioned it just above his cage.

‘Oh sorry honey, did you think I meant your cock?’ I said, grinning. leaning in close and whispering, ‘I needed something bigger’.

He begged to be let out and be able to fuck me, he might have been playing along a bit but he was pretty earnest! Either way it was super sexy.

Then I got to watch his reaction as I slowly worked myself up and down it. He seemed to really like what I’d whispered so I said a few extra things like, ‘Oh god honey, this feels so good, I wish you were this big’ and I pinched his nipples really hard too. Oh the key was on a chain around my neck, naturally.

After a little while I said, ‘Why should I do all the work?’ and I climbed off and had him fuck me with the strap on. It got me really close to cumming but I wanted to cum on his face so I had him go down and lick me to orgasm, twice lol

‘Can I please come out now?’ he said after I was done.

‘Nope’ I replied, ‘maybe after we use the strap on again tomorrow. I think it’s my turn to wear it though’ and I gave him a kiss and went to sleep as he curled up pushing his aching caged cock against my bottom.

He whispered how much he loved me as I drifted off.

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