45 Pros of Having a Small Penis

  1. He never has to compete! He has already lost.
  2. He can try anal sex without any pain, the anal muscles are not as flexible as vaginal muscles due to which anal sex can be very painful especially if he’s trying it for the first few times. Men with bigger penises are more likely to cause anal tears and have to be extremely careful.
  3. He can easily hide an erection, there’s nothing more embarrassing than being caught with an erection in a public place
  4. He never has to worry a woman is only with him for his penis. 

  5.  He is guaranteed much longer and pleasurable blow jobs because her gag reflex won’t be so strong.
  6. Guys with larger penis size have trouble maintaining an erection because their circulation isn’t good enough to keep their longer penis fully engorged.
  7. No Dress Left/Right Dilemma, guys have to decide what side to stash it on, looking in the mirror to make sure it’s no conspicuous.  Not him.  He can just rest there in the middle road.
  8. Women would be more willing to try anal sex.
  9. He will try harder to please a partner because he does not think his penis is a magic wand, a guy with a smaller penis knows that he has to put in extra work. Unlike a guy with a huge cock who thinks he can just thrust and be done with it, a small penis guy will know that it’s not about the size, it’s about how he use it.
  10. It doesn’t touch the water when he sit on a toilet.
  11. Less chances to get laid = less chances to contract STD’s.
  12. He’s less willing to send unsolicited dick pics
  13. One Hand Is Sufficient, when it’s time to get down and dirty with yourself, you always have that one free hand.  One is more than enough to handle your little guy.  You can hold up your dirty magazine with the other hand, use your remote to get to the good scenes in that porno, or just have a smoke while you’re going at it.  
  14. More Reason To Try New Things In Bed, finding other ways of pleasing a woman, which she will appreciate. Being “well hung” does not ensure great sex. Being attentive to your partner’s needs does.
  15. Women can more easily deep throat him.
  16. He can comfortably wear boxers. Or briefs. Or boxer briefs.
  17. He can lie on his stomach.
  18. Less likely to touch the germ ridden bowl when he pee.
  19. The smaller a guy is, the less likely she is going to be sore, even after a rough session. This leaves room for more sex and less pain.
  20. Most guys with small penises make more of an effort in learning to please a woman using their tongue.
  21. Many guys with a small penis have personalities to match, they aren’t trying to hand their huge dicks to every hole that offers itself up. 
  22. Shorter thrusts, especially with the head of the penis positioned within 2 inches of the vaginal opening, are perfect for G-Spot stimulation.
  23. He can always go fully in get totally wet, he doe not have to ease in and its a lot less painful for virgin sex-for the girl.
  24. He won’t hit the gag reflex.
  25. He is more likely to be innovative and show excitement in bed.
  26. No kind of fear while having sex and she can be more relaxed and enjoy sex.
  27. If trying anal sex then it is not too much frightening.
  28. Women can easily take it on their mouth.
  29. Any kind of sex positions can easily be performed without any pain.
  30. Some women are intimidated by a big penis, big guys often miss out on things like oral sex or anal sex because she’s just too afraid to try it or because it hurts too much. 
  31. More room in his underwear.
  32. Having a smaller penis means fuller insertion, and thus, more friction on the clitoris.
  33. The smaller the penis the easier it is to get hard. 

  34. A small penis is hard like a rock when it’s erect.
  35. Having a small penis, he’ll get to live a drama free life – no women around to give him headaches.
  36. Easier for a girl to deep throat him.
  37. Condoms don’t hurt. 
  38. The smaller the penis the more sensitive it is = more pleasure for him and much less for her. A really small penis is a clit and it is more sensitive than a penis even a small one.
  39. Smaller guys aim to please, guys with a small penis know they have a small penis so they are more willing to go down on a girl all the time.
  40. If he decides to become a tranny…easy to hide the bulge. 

  41.  Small guys are more creative in bed.
  42. The smaller the penis the more likely a woman can suck his balls and his penis all at once all in her mouth.
  43. It gives him a bigger bulge than regular sized guys. It’s because normally the penis flops downward in his pants and hangs over his balls. But on someone with a tiny ween the penis doesn’t flop down, it’s always pointing straight while resting on top of the balls. And when he get cold it sticks out even more.
  44. Guys with a small penis go down on girls more often and are good at it, or the girls will dump them. 
  45. He will not be hitting the girl’s cervix and causing her pain.

What a surprisingly positive list!!!

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