12 Ways For Men To Show Off a Bulge in Public

  1. Wear underwear that supports and pushes up
  2. Pack your penis and testicles to one side
  3. Wear padded briefs specially made for bicycling
  4. Grab your balls in public to optimize the arrangement and visual (very common in Spain and Arab countries)
  5. Wear light, thin and tight trousers
  6. Roll down your briefs and wear them under your balls (optional)
  7. Wear a cockring
  8. Re-arrange when the bulge dissapears
  9. wear an adjustable leather cockstrap around the base of your scrotum and penis. This will tend to thrust your package forwards and away from your body, making it more ‘bulgy’

  10. Pump your cock and balls with a 2-stage vacuum pump acrylic cylinder 
  11. Use the best static postures to show off the package.  Either sitting down with the legs not too far apart (the thighs will tend to squeeze the package upwards, making it more prominent). Or standing with one leg crossed casually in front of the other, with the weight resting on the uncrossed leg. The thigh of the crossed leg will thrust the package forwards, and the tilted hip will further emphasize it. This can create quite an impressive bulge, with a nice ‘overhang’ effect

  12. Use a male size-enhancing Speedo bulge.  

We had fun with him wearing a cock extender out to dinner a few times! With some suitably tight trousers to show it off.

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