Teasing hubby til he explodes. Part 2/2

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Not only does she make him cum in his cage where he can’t get truly hard, she stops rubbing as soon as he begins to cum, ruining it even more! Hot!

Oh my god, yes. Exactly. His balls ache from denial and from her firm squeezes. She’s rubbing the root as he strains in the cage. Aching for the touch of flesh, or warm tongue, even her hot breath. The base ring is too damn tight. He tries to blank that from his mind and focus on the physicality of her roughly rubbing his roots erection and taint.

The thought of what’s happening is tumbling down in his brain. A neural cascade. He tenses up. Desperate to spurt. When it finally happens. His cock starts pulsing out of control. She ceased all stimulation, and is left there to spill through the bars.

He feels dirty. Sticky. Unsatisfied. Maybe even wishing he had been kept from spilling. Right now he just wants to escape his confines. He feels ruined.

(I know how he feels)

OH wow, that is amazing. I lov finding new things. So rubbing ‘the root’ of his cock, and the whole perineum area, interesting! So going to try that!

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