Say that tomorrow, your husband said that he was tired of this lifestyle and wanted to quit. What would you feel, and how would you react? Also, does he read this blog?

Good question! Last year I’d have said no problem it was some hot fun and I’m glad we tried it. But in the last few months and done one long lockup and then had a break. And in that break I realised how much I missed him being caged. Most of all how I love the way it makes him act. Horny, focused on me, more affectionate, that feeling of a shared  intimate secret, plus him wanting to go down on me ALL the time. 

On top of which simply having him caged now turns me on. Knowing his cock is locked up and only I have the key gets me aroused now. And it makes me bolder too, to ask what I want, to try new things, and to tell him to make me cum, a lot!

So knowing that he loves how it makes him feel too, the question right now has become, why wouldn’t we keep him caged? So he is, and this time it’s not going to be about length of time, it’s just trying it as an ongoing reality because it’s simply better for both of us.

And if he should say he’s tired of it, would I stop? Maybe, but no longer definitely! Because I want to experience that now, I think he’d love saying he wants out and me just saying no. He has a safe word, and I’d respect that of course, but this is how it’s going to be now till I’m bored of it. Which excites us both very,very much.

And yes he reads it xxx

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