Hot things to DO while he’s going down on you:

  • Start playing with your breasts, really enjoy how they feel, rub, pull, squeeze even suck on them if you can.
  • Pick up a book or put on some porn to watch, make it clear you’re in no hurry!
  • Give
    him a toy to use in you, or tell him to finger fuck you – give him
    directions, it’s so hot!Run your fingers through his hair then push him
    on you harder
  • Grab his hair and grind on his face as you cum (seriously, try this)
  • Lift your knees up and spread them wide so your pussy is really exposed
  • Roll over on your tummy and make it clear he’s to lick your bottom
  • TELL HIM to make you cum, don’t just wait for him. When you want it, tell him, make him give you an orgasm, then have some more!
  • Kiss him afterwards and taste yourself on his tongue, no holding back, it’s super sexy

Text by keephimcaged here at Tumblr.

Oh someone reused what I wrote, cool!

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