Post orgasm torture

So this one is crazy. I would never have thought of this until hubby suggested it.

When the lucky sod finally gets to cum, post orgasm torture is simply, that you don’t stop stimulating him


I’m not kidding.

You will get thrown across the room.

But that intensity is so fucking hot!

But yeah, arms tied tight, and legs too or you need to be sitting on them really firmly or well out of the way of them.

How to do it

Giving a hand job or blow job or good old combination of the two.

And then I tell him I’m going to do it, when he’s really close, that I’m not going to stop, that I’m going to keep on wanking him even after he’s cum – sometimes he kind of likes the idea, he won’t soon, trust me. Other times he starts begging me not to, I like that.

Basically as he cums, you just keep going! I love to use his cum as the new lube, so I’ll put my hand over the top and make it fall right back down, and then I just go for it. He says there’s nothing like it he’s ever experienced, and he hates it and loves it all at once.

So yeah, keep wanking him, it’s all about the head of his cock, the rest not so much. Give it a good minute or two if you like to hear him beg, or just 20 seconds to give him a shock.

And of course, climb on! Why not fuck him while he’s writhing around… it’s quite funny, not very sexy though.

My absolute favourite video of this – it’s so cute and she does it just the way I do, kind of apologising to him, half meaning it, but just keeping going. SO HOT.

If you have kids like us, you seriously might need to gag him! lol

I’ve told him I’m going to make him take Viagra and do this all evening one time – ‘no you’re fucking not!’ he replied. But it’s amazing what he’ll agree to to get that cage off his cock…

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