Part of her was still in shock, still amazed – she had actually done it. She had gone to this sleazy bar that she’d read about online, she’d gone to the ladies room and gone to the stall she’d read about and within seconds, a stranger’s hard cock had slipped through the hole.

Now, as she licked this stranger clean, she wondered – should she retreat and go back to her hotel now, or should she wait and see if she’d get more cocks through the hole? And if she stayed, would she be satisfied just sucking?

And another small part of her wondered – how did her friend know about this bar? How did her friend know to say “oh, if you’re staying at that hotel, check out this bar…?” Had her friend done this as well? The sudden thought of her and her friend sharing a cock almost distracted her from the new cock slipping through the hole – and with that, she knew she’d probably be here for hours….

I thought that was a hot picture and story.
I really do love this fantasy…

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