Perfectly close enough I’d say! 

I’m torn between loving these extenders (currently half price at Lovehoney, at least in the UK) versus him caged with a strap on. 

Heck, I love them both. This one gives him some stimulation but it’s thick rubber so not enough to cum unless he’s been well edged. In theory he’s inside you, but bigger, and longer, and he can’t feel much, but you, you can feel everything.

The other fun thing you can do with them is make him wear it, just during the day! Pretend he’s got a bigger cock, touch it, comment on it. I haven’t yet but I want to take him somewhere like a spa and pick out swimwear that makes it subtly obvious…

Although I’ve seen a few pictures, you can’t easily stretch one of these over a cock cage though. For that you need the strap on (make sure it’s one like this though, with two straps, one for each thigh, not just one going underneath – that lets his caged cock just hang perfectly under the big strap on, like a perfect aching set of balls.


And of course, with the strap on, you can use something really big

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