Penis Pumps and a Penis Enlargement Tease

We got one of these Penis Pumps a while back in some Lovehoney Sale and we haven’t really used it much so I thought I’d come up with ideas for it.

I wondered how I could combine it with our kink for penis size teasing and came up with this idea.

It’s hottest if you play this as straight as you possibly can. Act like you’re totally serious, and tell him you are if he questions it.

It starts with a little conversation something like this as you’re playing with him, ideally.

‘Honey, I had something I wanted to suggest. At first the whole penis size thing we played with, well it was hot, and I know you like it too. But I have to be honest, it’s not just a game any more. I really wish your cock was bigger.

I was wondering if those penis pump things were actually any good? I thought we could try it on you and see if we can help you grow.

I know it’s never gong to work miracles, and be as big as the ones I look at on Tumblr, but even a bit bigger would be nice.

We’ll see how big your little cock can get when it’s being suctioned up.

Obviously we can’t play with your cock while it’s being enlarged so for the 30 minutes daily stretching you’re going to kneel at the end of the bed and eat me out.

Assuming he thinks this sounds hot then you can proceed. The first thing to do is have fun measuring him again.

It really doesn’t matter if you’ve done this before, it still turns them on. But this time make it scientific. Get a little note pad and write the day and time, then get out the tape and if you can, measure him flaccid. Make sure to measure it from the base of the TOP of his cock because from here to the tip is the SHORTEST way to measure it, which we can use.

You can also measure girth around it, again it’ll be interesting if this changes.

If he gets hard at this point just from the measuring you’ll need to figure a different time to do this,maybe him just out of the shower.

Anyway,then you want his erect measurement. So rub and suck him hard, put on a cock ring and measure again.

Here’s a video with some of those ideas in it:

This is another chance to tease. If you’ve been caging him a while he probably won’t remember exactly what size he was before, so pretend to recall (or it may be true) that you thought he used to be bigger. That caging him must be making his cock smaller. Add that this makes the enlargement even more important ‘just to get back to what I liked before’ but best of all, throw in something about ‘although I guess it doesn’t really matter how we have the big dildo’ because that will drive him wild.

So yes, get it all recorded and tell him you’ll measure him again in a week and compare. ‘If it doesn’t work we can just give up and I’ll get you an even smaller cage’ would be a hot tease.

So then it’s time to use the penis pump. Get him to put it on and do the suction. There’s a fine line between the right suction and it really hurting and bruising him. Much better he does it. It needs a bit of thick lube and him with a bit of a hard on already if possible.


It really is like a big cage, sure it sucks on him but his cock is totally inaccessible! It’s really pretty cool!

Then, and this is important, shift yourself so you’re lying near the end of the bed, get him kneeling at the end of the bed on pillows or similar, and spread your legs and let him go to work on you. This is not optional! You NEED this. Time totally receiving. Let him lick and suck and pleasure you.


Focus on taking it, read Tumblr, watch some porn, read an erotic novel. But just enjoy it. He has to wait 15 minutes for the pump anyway, this is just the best way to make use of it.

It works really well as his cock hangs down there aching, making him throb as he makes you cum. It’s even better than a cage in some ways.

Just a tip, it really helps to maintain suction if he’s shaved at least around the base of his cock if not even more.

The instructions say to use it for ‘30-60′ minutes a day with a break every 15 minutes. So let’s start with 30, put a timer on for 15 minutes, when it goes off,  take the tube off, have a look at his cock, make some comments about the impact, and then after a couple of minutes, tell him you’ll do another 15.

Later on in the week you can add some extras (and do it for longer).

If he’s shown he can handle it sucking on him and not get bruised, let him pump it up, and then take the pump bit, and say you want better results. Pump it just one or two squeezes more, watch his face lol

If you want to add more stimulation, try a vibrating butt plug or g-spot vibe in him as he goes down on you. For some guys the reviews saying being suctioned kind of keeps them on the edge so that would be cool to make it even worse!

Try talking dirty – this is much easier once he’s started on your clit as you’ll get bolder. Here’s some suggestions:

Is your little cock getting all big in that tube? Pump it some more if it needs it darling.

You’re such a good pussy licker now I’ve caged your cock up. I guess it doesn’t really matter if it just stays small.

Does it make your cock ache even worse, baby? Having to get me off while you can’t even touch?

Then give him some directions, they love that

Stick your tongue in me… Finger fuck me while you suck my clit (etc)

Don’t let me cum yet, keep me right on the edge, it feels so good knowing I can cum and you can’t

Lick my bottom while you rub my clit with your fingers

And then some fantasy mean stuff might work for you

Do you think I should tell my best friend how good you are at this, and tell her at least it makes up for your little dick?

My friends are all jealous of how long you spend doing this. Oh yes, I’ve told them. I haven’t told them it’s because I keep your cock caged because it’s so small, yet.

Play with the pump

It depends how long the tube is but you might be able to play with the pump as he goes down on you. One great way though is to be on top, have him lie back, and sit above him, you can have fun with it then. You can even ‘pulse’ his cock by increasing the pressure then letting it out a bit and repeat, which can feel good.

Make the tube a measure – put inch marks on the tube of the pump with a permanent pen and you can actually measure it’s growth! It’ll maybe be the biggest he ever gets!


Add a cock ring – if you want the enlargement to stay a bit longer I’ve heard you can put a cock ring around him before you use the suction and then it stays bigger, longer.

Oral sex afterwards. it seems to make him very sensitive and when it has made him swell up it’s very hot to suck on him for a while. We don’t let him cum of course.

Set a target for improvement.

‘If you’ve grown x then I’ll let you cum. If less than that I’ll let you have a ruin. If there’s no difference then we’ll just lock you back up.’

I don’t think there’s any good evidence that these things have a lasting effect, although they definitely have a short term effect, and from the reviews I read they can make a difference to how big he is when flaccid (kind of turn him from a grower into a show-er a bit) which is hot.

But just as a different type of denial and fun way to get lots of guilt free oral sex (what else could he do for those times he’s pumped…) this sounds like a lot of fun.

Read the warnings on your pump. It shouldn’t hurt, you can bruise his cock in which case you’ll need to leave it alone for a few days. So just take it off straight away if that happens.

We haven’t done this yet ourselves but if you try it let us know how you get on!

I hope ours works that well!!! lol

If you don’t have one then have a look at the range of penis pumps from our favourite sex toy store. And if you buy from them you support the blog, thank you!

Penis Pumps at Lovehoney

They even have an electric USB powered one now that claims to enlarge you up to 30%, very cool!

I kind of like the hand cranked version though!

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