Rubbing the palm of your hand in tiny circles on the tip of a penis produces frantic results.


Palming” or “Knob Polishing” is the act of rubbing the head of the penis in circular motions using the lubricated palm of your hand.  Experiment with slow, fast, firm, light, tiny circles, wide circles, a supple wrist or a rigid wrist.


(Circle) Size MattersFor best technique, try with circles so small that it simply moves the head around without rubbing/sliding beneath your plam, and then slightly increase the size of the circle until you are rubbing as well.

Keep Him Off BalanceConstantly change the pressure, speed, etc.  He might respond better to a slower speed or a faster speed, but never settling on a constant speed adds finesse.

The Other Hand

Most people grab the base of the cock with the other hand, but the most effective way to stabilize the cock for this kind of technique is by making a snug ring with the thumb and forefinger, just below the head right where the soft part ends and the hard-on begins, just tight enough that it’s slightly difficult to pull it off and impossible push down onto the hard cock. It should probably touch the edge of the head all the way around, and definitely be between the head and the sweet spot.  By doing this, you can cup your polishing hand into a half-sphere shape, press it onto your other hand, and flatten your polishing hand just enough to make gentle but definite contact with the head.   This technique has many benefits:

  • No accidental touching of his shaft… if he thrusts, the thumb-forefinger ring is too small to slide down.
  • Using your holding hand as a guard, once you find the perfect amount of pressure you can keep it going indefinitely. Ever polish the knob and watch him spasm every few seconds as if from electrical shock? That’s because you’re getting it right only part of the time. This allows you to find the right technique and stretch those bursts of intensity into minutes.
  • The cock does not have to be hard for this technique.
  • The head is more sensitive when it’s slightly squeezed this way, and it’s more vulnerable… it plumps out a little and the slit is opened a little more
  • You can optionally press the third and fourth fingers of your guard hand into his sweet spot, either to edge him or because you plan to make him cum this way. (I don’t have much experience with this technique, but I’m pretty sure I can’t cum without this additional stimulation, and with this stimulation, the polishing makes it impossible for me to hold back.)
  • If you make him cum in this way, the partial obstruction caused by the tight ring will make his orgasm much stronger, the feeling of splashing against your palm will be out of this world, and the feeling of you polishing him while he’s cumming will redefine “intense.”
  • If you let him cum in this way, don’t stop. Cum makes a great lubricant.


  • This is a very effective technique for post orgasm torture.

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