Oh my…. now that IS secure!

I have to confess, recently, I occasionally find myself imagining hubby in something like that, that is impossible to get out of, and just leaving him in it, for a very long time, just to see what happens. Does he get insanely horny, does he lose his libido instead, would he go through a cycle of denial, then anger, then frustration then acceptance?

How would he be if I didn’t edge him? I’d still touch him, tease him, kiss and rub him, stroke his swollen balls, and I guess I’d just switch to anal play as his only source of real stimulation and rare involuntary emptying of his tubes.

What would it be like, that last orgasm before I click it shut, gagged so he can’t change his mind? How desperate would his pleasuring of me become, substituting my pleasure for the complete loss of his?

But of course I don’t, I love edging him too much. I’d miss his cock too much.

But I wonder, maybe one day, when we’re a bit older. Hmmm…

Oh hubby, what have you done to me?

The denial porn tease

Another of the big surprises about chastity is the way it’s changed how I feel about some porn. Looking back I can say I really didn’t like porn, and that was mostly out of insecurity I guess – all these perfect, actresses that I thought my husband wanted to look at, and so be with, instead of me.

While I still don’t like MOST porn (because it’s mostly just awful, and what’s with the gynaecological detail?!, so not sexy) the intimacy that’s come from having hubby caged and/or denied has made me feel so desired and got him so focused on me that it’s helped me be a bit more open about it enjoying it. Oh plus the factor him caged means it’s painful if he wants to watch it lol

My primary viewing of it is on Tumblr (it takes a few weeks to get past the ‘OMFG!’ reaction to some of the posts while your brain learns to filter better!) as we share stuff that turns us on and that we think the other would like on our secret shared tumblr blog. And we enjoy scrolling through those together as we cuddle and play (and laugh!).

But also, I guess about once a week, I’ve started to use it to tease him as part of orgasm denial.

The video above is a perfect example of what I’d use with him, so I thought I’d share it and give some examples of how I’d use it.

We’d put it on on a laptop or tablet (depends how hands free I need to be! lol) and I’d start it before I unlocked him, cuddling up to him, playing with his caged cock, kissing and rubbing his nipples. I love seeing his cock straining at the cage. And I’ll talk about the girls in it, what I like about them, what’s a hot idea from their technique, for example.

At this point I’ll get my vibe and get myself really horny while occasionally playing with him. And usually, if it’s porn that’ll turn HIM on, I’ll finally let him out (although I may leave the base ring on to keep him extra hard).

Then I like to get him close but then just hold onto his cock as I cum, mixing that with snuggling and teasing.

So if it’s like the video above I’ll focus on two things, the fact all those guys get to cum, while hubby is denied:

  • Oh god darling, can you imagine how good that would feel?
  • Look how hard he’s cumming, do you remember how that feels?
  • Would you like to use me like that?
  • Would you like me to suck and lick your cock like that darling? Sorry, you haven’t earned that, but you can lick me (and send him down).

The other one that I used with this video is the fact there are so many big cocks in it (I’m, surprisingly, into that..) so I used lines like:

  • Oh darling, look how big his cock is, if you were that big I’d make you cum so much
  • I love looking at big cocks now, see what you’ve done to me?
  • I wonder what it feels like to have a cock that big in you
  • A big cock like that wouldn’t even fit in a cage
  • Whisper in his ear, ‘I’m not kidding, I wish you were bigger now’
  • ‘When I masturbate I think about big cocks sometimes’
  • Put on the strap on, I need something big inside me

A few twists

Uncage him but leave the ring on before you start the video. Then tell him off for getting hard looking at other girls (try to avoid touching his cock, but whisper in his ear, go to town on his nipples and vibe yourself, all of which should get him up. 

Of course, if he DOESN’T get hard you just say ‘oh honey, you don’t seem to want it today!’ and just lock him back up!

Other examples

My absolutely favourite tease and ruin handjob video atm – you could just watch this and copy it to become a master (mistress…?) of tease!

Here’s a compilation of edging and ruin of the same style as the video at the top, hot to put on in the background! (Just be aware only some have sound so don’t get caught out). They’re both really hot imo!

Getting really kinky with it…

Probably the kinkiest thing we do with porn is indulging my ‘big cock’ fascination. For whatever reason we both find teasing hubby about cock size a turn on, so a few times I’ve had him find me a ‘big cock’ compilation that we watch together as I hold him and… basically compare how big they are. 

This ends up one of two ways. Either I get him to go down on me while he knows I’m still watching it, using lines such as, ‘Oh darling it’s a good thing I’ve discovered you’re so good with your tongue, it makes up a bit for your little cock’ – cumming from him licking me while I do that is ridiculously hot. 

The other option is we now have a really big strap on cock (we’ve given it a name recently, ‘Adonis’ so I can say, ‘I want Adonis in me’ lol) and either while still caged or free, he fucks my brains out with that.

It’s hard to describe how hot this is. Firstly I now cum, repeatedly, just from being fucked. And this turns him on SO much, and then, the fact he can’t cum so he remains unbelievably horny… it makes him fuck me all the harder (great exercise too, it’s seriously getting him fit!)

Some videos you might want to try if you’re into this: (loud start! but lots of girls telling the guy how big he is which for some reason I find really hot)…_big_cock_compilation.html (mostly blowjobs and cum shots, has dance music over the top rather than sex noises) (hand jobs, no music, sound on some) (moody jazz on this one of blowjobs and sex! lol with a bit of sex noise too (but one random bondage forced female orgasm in the middle with no cock, odd) (queen of the deepthroat (hubby tells me) this married couple are quite something!)

Anyway, I hope some of that will be fun for you!

Wow! That’s intense! She doesn’t use his cum as lube though, missing a trick 😛

Wow! That’s intense! She doesn’t use his cum as lube though, missing a trick 😛

Okay so, caution before you hit play on this, it’s a long video of a woman performing analingus on a guy but.. OMG SHE MAKES HIM CUM JUST FROM THAT!!!

How… what… that’s crazy! Obviously the first question is, can hubby make ME cum from this?!! lol But now damn, I’ve never been a big one for licking his bum (one of the few things he does more to me than I return) but, this is a serious challenge! I need to try this now! lol I imagine the trick is get him very close first but who knows…

I’ve actually really loved discovering new ways to make him cum, it’s been one of the big surprises of caging. When I was more sub it was pretty standard hand job or blow job or he fucks me for his orgasms but… the first time I used a dildo on him last year and made him cum IN HIS CAGE was so exciting, and we’ve managed it a few times pegging too.

We had an incredible time recently where I was behind him, my favourite pegging position is very intimately spooning him, where I can stroke his cock (if it isn’t caged) and play with his nipples and he just can’t do anything but moan and writhe. I just wrap my arms around him and feel all his strength at my control. So hot. And got him to the point where just the tiniest movements of the strap on kept him on edge. I was so torn between just keeping him there, and pushing him down and just fucking him hard which I’m sure would have made him explode. But I’m clearly getting more disciplined, as I just left him like that, right on the edge, holding him tight. He honestly couldn’t speak it was so intense. Amazing stuff!

More to explore though, I really want to master the whole milking thing where his cum just flows out, for some reason that’s so hot. Exciting!

This is amazing! Like four little ruins in a row! Got to try this!

Oh honey, look how big he is! He wouldn’t even fit in a cage. And he only gets a ruin…

… If size matters and he only gets ruined, then maybe you shouldn’t get to cum at all?




..a masturbatrix uses mainly knob and frenulum manipulation to firstly induce an ejaculation and then to administer extended and painful post orgasm massage!!

jesus… the jiggle in her right tit when she starte to work him faster… i nearly lost my edge

So much power over him. So much control.

Oh damn, this makes me wish hubby was allowed to cum, just so I could do this again!



the story of A: new years, new session
1 minutes pour se masturber, avec les points. mon soumis croyait prendre du plaisir. Ca ne sert a rien sauf le frustrer encore un peu plus

the story of A: new years, new session
1 minutes to masturbate with his points. My sub’ believed to have ejaculate. It is useless except frustrate a little more

Poor guy….

Oh this is inspiring. Don’t really need the silly gloves, just the challenge of going from nothing to cumming in one minute is enough I’d have thought? Maybe start on 30 seconds and build up, 40 seconds the next week if he fails… lol