Our (my fiance and me) chastity cage is on the way and were both pretty excited to add it to her control. She already decides when I cum and I don’t masturbate because I’d MUCH rather be with her instead. I’m already thoughtful and helpful around the house do I don’t need to be gotten in line and I don’t forget about her instantly after I cum either…duh, I pressure her for as long as and however she wants and then love on her times more when we’re both “done”. But I am horny pretty much all the time so soon I won’t be able to stroke it or even touch it whenever I want, which is always, which will heighten everything for us.

I love your blog because it doesn’t lose focus on that you love your husband and that you’re doing this together, for fun and pleasure and to enhance and energize your sex lives instead of for some hateful reasons.

Anyway, I came across this picture and thought you’d like it.

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