Besides the obvious answer being that they enjoy it, it’s something new and exciting to add some spark in the dark. More specifically, it simulates the same excitement and uncertainty they experienced when they first met and began dating. The excited energy the two feel between them can then increase the attention the man and the woman provide to each other, heightening the feelings of affection and love, which help to build a stronger overall relationship.  

The tease part of the denial hits deep into the social dating psyche, since flirting is at its core a basic tease and denial.  A man and a woman flirt, ultimately, in hopes of establishing a new sexual relationship, which may or may not ever come to be.  Neither of the two in a new couple knows where the relationship will go until they get there.  And certainly, they don’t know if they’ll get to cum together or not, either.  It is that uncertainty which makes meeting a new lover seem so exciting.  

When an established couple introduces T&D into their relationship, they re-establish that same uncertainty, which can rekindle that same infatuated spark of sexual excitement in their relationship.

T&D also empowers the woman, which can be a huge turn on for both parties involved. Due to the connection of intense feelings with sexual desire, the increased sexual desire intensifies the emotional feelings in the relationship, and this too can be of benefit to both partners.

The control self-imposed by submitting to orgasm denial is also not unlike a marriage vow, which is of course itself a vow of limits as a show of devotion.  In a typical marriage vow, one is voluntarily binding themselves to having sex only with their spouse, and no other.  In the case of orgasm control, the “vow” goes beyond just WHO you’ll have sex with, and takes it to the next level where the  submitting partner is vowing, no matter who they are with, to only cum when their partner allows it.  So, like the marriage vow, the vow of orgasm control is a self-imposed limit as a show of devotion.

By introducing unpredictable orgasms into the relationship, the level of arousal is more intense, and also makes those orgasms that he does have that much more enjoyable, just as a birthday party is more exciting when it’s a surprise party!  

Knowing that he is not allowed to satisfy himself, but that she alone is attentive to his needs, and is taking care of him, helps him appreciate her all the more in their relationship.  Denial of the orgasm also obviously avoids the refractory period; the inevitable period of time during which the man is unresponsive to sexual stimulus.  By avoiding the orgasm, he remains in his heightened state of arousal much more of the time.  So, while he may not be having orgasms as often as he used to, if she is dutifully and frequently teasing his cock, he would certainly have to agree that he is more aroused more often.

Some good points there. 

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