Oh my…. now that IS secure!

I have to confess, recently, I occasionally find myself imagining hubby in something like that, that is impossible to get out of, and just leaving him in it, for a very long time, just to see what happens. Does he get insanely horny, does he lose his libido instead, would he go through a cycle of denial, then anger, then frustration then acceptance?

How would he be if I didn’t edge him? I’d still touch him, tease him, kiss and rub him, stroke his swollen balls, and I guess I’d just switch to anal play as his only source of real stimulation and rare involuntary emptying of his tubes.

What would it be like, that last orgasm before I click it shut, gagged so he can’t change his mind? How desperate would his pleasuring of me become, substituting my pleasure for the complete loss of his?

But of course I don’t, I love edging him too much. I’d miss his cock too much.

But I wonder, maybe one day, when we’re a bit older. Hmmm…

Oh hubby, what have you done to me?

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