Oh my! I saw this, and actually felt a little bit dizzy! 

I showed it to hubby, and he asked me, if we were together, and somehow found this (I won’t even bother thinking up how on earth that would happen!) what I’d do?

I think… taking away the person by putting the wall in place, I think I’d want to touch it. I can imagine hubby just watching as I tentatively reach out and lift it and am amazed by how heavy it is, and comment on the fact I can’t even get my fingers around it. My curiosity would take over – would it get hard if I played with it, can a cock that big even stand up straight like hubby’s does?

I’d have to find out. I’d get it as big as I could, and then compare it to the length of my forearm, like they do on the porn videos.

Then, for some reason, I suddenly felt all submissive, and I’d turn to my husband and say, ‘What do you want me to do with it?’

I’ll keep his answer a secret, and leave you to imagine…

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