not to tell you how you ought to do things of course, but it seems like leaving him locked with no teasing or edging — while undoubtedly cruel and frustrating — might also spoil a lot of the fun for both of you?

You’re talking about the weekday lock up rule? It’s actually been great! In reality I’ve let him out maybe once during each week because I fancied it but it’s been nicely relaxing just knowing he’s caged up during the week and all horny and excited for the weekend. It’s not like I’m going without. We’ve been using the strap on way more, so I’m getting fucked with the big dildo which remains amazing! I’ve got used to cumming from being fucked now, it’s really remarkable! And as frustrating as that is for him, he absolutely loves it.

But him being locked up doesn’t mean I’m not teasing him! I’m teasing him every day, little notes, lots of posts to our blog, and then physically at night. I’m just not letting him out. It’s been great in contrast to all the work of Locktober.

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