New Cage for follower

My wife and I switched from a cb6000s to a stainless steel cage (Master Series Captus Stainless Steel Locking Male Chastity Cage)! I do like the stainless cage way better and so does my wife! It fits better, with less pinching. I have been in it for a week now with no chaffing, pinching or having to remove it every night for hygiene. This cage also fits better under my cloths. It seems more streamlined… if that makes sense?! I would highly recommend to anyone considering a change from the plastic to stainless…DO IT!

I love the names they give these things, lol

Here’s the picture:

You can find it from our favourite cage supplier here

We tried that one, maybe it was just a bad fit for hubby but the bend on it meant his cock kept trying to push through the front part and not the lower head area. I think you need quite a big cock for that bent shape to work for you. The hinged ring is a pain too, literally, pinchy pinchy. And you can put that rubber sleeve bit over it but then that stuck to his skin very painfully after a few hours.

if you like how steel feels (and it IS great) try something like the Arc or the Tight Squeeze III which you can read about on our review page, they’re even better in our opinion with a fixed sized ring and much better shape.

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