My husband showed me he can pull out the back of his metal cage when soft. We’ve tried some ways to keep that penis in but have been unsuccessful. Do you have that issue? Do you know any good way to prevent pullout?

There’s two solutions. One is a complete chastity belt which goes around his waist etc but IMO is just too big and awkward (and super expensive) and just isn’t sexy.

The other is having his cock pierced with a Prince Albert piercing and getting a cage that secures to that, which renders it impossible to remove.

It’s very likely, if your hubby is showing you he can do this, he’s secretly wanting you to get him pierced. Test that idea, if you think you could find it attractive. When you’re edging him, mention, ‘I’ve been thinking about the fact you can slip out of this… maybe I should get you pierced so you can wear one of those cages you can’t escape from’.

If he shrinks at the idea, it’s a no. But when, and he will I bet, gets hard as rock when you mention it, then perhaps you should discuss it further!

I do actually fantasise about getting hubby pierced sometimes, but it’s not for security, it’s because it’s hot. Most cages are escapable, to us that doesn’t really matter as it’s about the fact that using it turns us both on. He’s effectively on an honour system all the time that he can’t cum without permission when we’re playing with denial anyway.

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