My husband and I LOVE your blog. We got him a cage off the back of it and we are having such fun, so thank you! We’re both submissive… do you have any tasks we could try? Thank you in advance.

Oh I love that, I’ve never been asked this before! I have a game idea, the 69 Sex Off!

Okay, the two of you have to tease each other with hands only for 20 minutes, then go into 69 with each other. The first to cum is the loser. The loser is not allowed to cum for one week, but must be kept edged and desperate by the other person.

If it’s him he is to be caged all week apart from for teasing sessions, if it’s you then you are to wear a mix of crotch rope, butt plug or be pantiless at all times (or if you have them you can wear ben-wa balls).

The winner must be made to cum from oral sex every day.

If neither of you cum during the game, or during the week the loser fails to be denied for the week, you are BOTH on denial for a week from that point as a punishment for failing (it’s a team work thing! 😛  )

Have fun!

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