My girlfriend came to me with this idea today, and it was an instant turn on for me and her. But as we started talking about it, I brought up a cage and she loved it. Do you have any advice on cages? Easy to clean, material, noticeable, etc. Thanks!

Well it all depends how well endowed you are. But here’s the cages page from our favourite toy store – Lovehoney.

It’s the CB6000s that we’ve been using, and hubby says he’s been amazed at hom comfy it’s been. There were a load of different sizing options on the ring that goes around your balls and the spacer that adjusts the gap, so he tried those out and got it sorted in a day or two.

The advice he told me he’d read was go as small as you can, which is why we got the ‘S’ version. You want to be filling it or near filling it when flaccid. From my perspective, with the clear plastic, that’s really important as it honestly looks really fucking hot to see it like that. I don’t think it would be nearly as hot for him to have got the big version and only half fill it all the time.

Does that mean it’s difficult when you get a hard on? Hell yes! lol It swells in the cage and has nowhere to go and so pulls on your balls and throbs, literally, I watch it twitching with every heartbeat. So sexy!

So yes, if you can, go the small version. And from a woman’s perspective, get the clear one as I like seeing his cock in it.

It’s relatively easy to clean, we did a mix of things. he’d shower with it on, and squirt shower gel into the entrance and then direct the shower jet into the cage and swoosh around.

We kept baby wipes next to the bed so when he did take it off he’d give it a wipe around. 

And when I let him out of the cage to shower he’d take it with him and wash it in the sink with a nail brush.

The thing that most surprised him was how easy peeing was, again because he pretty much filled it. He stood to pee every time he told me, and he thought he might have had to sit. Then he just pressed a bit of tissue against the tip at the end to make sure there were no spills into the cage.

It was completely unnoticeable, and I suspect even the larger version would be pretty hidden. He did choose to wear baggy pants most of the time, and wore tight briefs under that to keep it in place. he got so horny that he was dripping a lot of the time so.

The big thing to remember is lube it up. We used good quality silicon lube and that seemed to work great. I would think water based lube that dried up and got sticky would be bad. But a natural oil like coconut would be fine. But it’s not just lubing the cock and its ‘shell’, hubby would lube all around the ring as that stopped it being painful when he got hard, as I guess the ring could move a bit. First night when he didn’t lube the ring and got a hard on, he suffered lol.

We wamt to try out some metal ones, so will give you more indepth knowledge once we’ve done that. But the main advantage, apart from the look, is that they are easier to clean as it’s just bars to squirt water through. I imagine they’ll weigh lots though so dont know how that’ll effect things.

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