My fantasies have changed over the last 18 months as we’ve started to explore chastity together. And this here is now top of the list of new fantasies that turn me on.

I imagine what it would be like to suck on a big cock, just like this. Totally anonymous, just a cock, through a hole in the wall.

And of course hubby, sitting there, caged, tied up, watching. Or maybe I’d let his cock out, and just ignore it as he watched me work one much bigger than his, the unwritten rule. ‘He’s bigger so he gets to cum’.

Let me be clear, I’d never want to actually do this, but it’s a really hot fantasy, and that is what fantasies are for, to have fun imagining. It’s even more fun sharing them, with you… and whispered in his ear later as I show him this video.

From what I read I think us women need to get better at being okay sharing our fantasies, but that requires you guys to be very clear that is ALL it is, and you don’t then think we want it in reality. Maybe some things will take root and develop, but most won’t, and you have to be cool with that or we won’t share with you at all.

What’s your fantasy, keyholder readers? Go on, I dare you, be brave, let your imagination run free. Edge him and show him a video of it or just whisper it in his ear. He’ll love hearing it SO much. It’s just a fantasy, enjoy it together, it’ll bring you even closer and turn him on even more.

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