We Like Being Locked in Chastity

If you’re here wondering why on earth your man would ask to be locked in chastity I hope this post will provide at least a little bit of clarity. In short, it’s an enormous turn-on for those of us that request it of our ladies.

Make no mistake, we like to cum. Every guy likes to cum. But, there’s also great pleasure in relinquishing control of our orgasms to you, the woman we love. Hopefully that also means you’ll be teasing us, if not quite as deeply as the woman above, and leaving us in a crazed state of lust and desire constantly. While that would be frustrating to the point of anger for some guys it’s a state of pure bliss for a man that craves having his cock locked in chastity.

There are practical benefits too. The less time we spend masturbating the more time we have for work, skill-building hobbies, reading, and most importantly, you. If we’re with you, talking on the phone, writing love letters, or going down on you instead of pulling on our dicks then our relationship is going to be stronger. It might seem paradoxical, but putting your man in chastity and controlling his orgasms could be the best thing you’ve ever done for your relationship.

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