Love your blog-it inspires my wife, who’s not dominant by nature, but is learning fast. I read & give her ideas from it and she decides what she likes. Longest period of time locked for me has been 3-4 days & nights but now she is planning until mid-June (Father’s day), with nightly uncage for tease & also morning shower. I use CB-6000S or TS-3. Q: does your husband get chafing under scrotum (opposite from cage/lock?) Is ring too loose?Any suggestions for my locked month to not get sore there?

That’s wonderful, I’m so glad it’s being so helpful, sounds like you guys are doing great!

My advice would be, don’t do it in a plastic cage (I don’t know what the TS-3 is though). They weren’t as comfy but the big issue when we tried much longer in that was he got stinky fast, even with washing – very off putting. Check out our cage recommendations and treat yourself to an early Father’s Day present with a nice metal one with a solid ring – they’re so affordable now. And the smooth ring of them is so much better for longer term.

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