Love your blog. Does the cage make them shrink. Would love you to cage me

Aww thank you. And no, you can’t make a cock ‘shrink’. Although apparently you can get so used to not getting hard ons if you’re caged for a very long time that it stays small. But the effect is temporary, you’ll be back to normal in a couple of days at most, and this is very long term without release.

As for caging you… I’m sure you would love it! We hit 3,000 followers this week – hubby joked I should start a keyholding service (I wonder what the going rate is? :P). 

I did think about the idea of a service to help men introduce their partners to chastity actually. I’ve been helping quite a few couples do that recently and the issues seem to be pretty similar. I’m sure there’s some way we could offer that.

Thoughts welcome!

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