Love your blog and can relate so much to your experiences. I’m a guy early 40s been with my partner 18 years. She was inexperienced when we met and had no knowledge of porn. Over the last few years I encouraged her to watch some BBC porn and it’s really changed her as she is now obsessed masturbating about it and comparing me in size. She admitted after all the years she never realised how small my erection is as it was all she had known. She now gets turned on comparing me and gets horny

Thank you! It’s great to hear it’s working so well for you.

It’s funny isn’t it, this kink really isn’t one I’d have thought would turn either of us on but particularly since we got the big King Cock dildo it’s been so hot. When we’ve chatted about it we conclude it’s the fundamental unfairness of it that’s hot. That there is nothing he can do about it, and so using it as a justification for keeping him caged is super hot.

The reality is that if he uses the strap on with the big dildo, I usually cum from it, and I don’t if it’s just him so it’s incontrovertible really! Added to the fact it’s SO hot to make him use it when he’s horny and desperate and it’s just amazing.

We tried something quite fun last weekend. He wore it, the dildo, over the weekend! Strapped it on him Friday night and from that point on acted like it was his cock! Told him how lucky I was to have a hubby with such a huge one, sucked it, wanked it, fucked it. I referred to his caged cock as his balls and just played with them sometimes. He slept with it on too which we’d never done, and used it in the morning too which was a new one! But most fun was dinner with friends Saturday night, where it was pretty obvious in his trousers, I couldn’t stop smiling! He was going pretty crazy, very, very hot game!

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